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Welcome to my blog SylvieLAvision about my professional life as an international seer living in Los Angeles, California; I advise on business, life and other sensitive issues my clients may face. I coach lawsuits, actors and singers seeking to reach new heights, business owners who face decisions and need insights and more.

I also consult for an international clientele via Facebook or phone if living in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong to Israël, Italy, Greece, U.K., and other foreign lands; I meet in person as well and I love it! I am used to listening to many accents and points of view, and I enjoy the diversity of my clientele. I am in service, helping others to better their lives. It is my mission in life…

IMG_2460I will not share my personal life publicly! My purpose is to share what I do for a living. I have saved people’s lives, I have lost clients who were dear to me, I have been the subject of defamation and gossips by ill-intentioned professionals and social media lookers.

I care more about the individuals I help than I care about how others see me. It is likely the reason why I have clients who have been with me for over 25 years!

IMG_2630_Facetune_10-11-2017-11-54-52I intend to share my thoughts (uncensored) and observations on what I have been part of for over 26 years of practice and beyond when I was helping people back in my native France. I am still an active professional today performing an average of 60 readings a month… I walk the talk.

I share my techniques, my passion for the craft of predicting. My first book, the Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle sparked the renaissance of the Lenormand in the Anglo-Saxon world. I am at it again with my new work, the Secrets of the Belline oracle! Why? Because my knowledge is worth sharing with those who love what I love…

Interested? Follow me here on this blog, and on my Youtube channel: esoteric academia if you life videos. My professional site: sylviesteinbach is full of information, and my facebook page under my name has updates.





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